Yorkshire Puddings

Blues won 2-1 at Leeds watched by a delighted Andy Munro.

This was a headline that could have described a poor performance by Blues or Leeds, but thankfully it applies to the latter. It truly is a funny old game when we haven’t been able to buy a win and then we beat the league leaders after excellent(and unlucky) draws against Sheffield United and the Baggies – that’s three games when even a point might have been seen as a half decent return.

Fair play to Garry Monk, he kept faith with Adams and it paid off and now let’s hope this is the start of a rejuvenated Che. Goals is what we’ve been missing and maybe we’ve found an answer within.

As always, the manager had faith in youth and how good it was to see the talented Lakin holding his own yet again in another Yorkshire cauldron. Obviously, honours have to go to the defence, who looked a tight unit and then Lee Camp confounded his critics (of which I am one) to produce a brilliant save to preserve the three points.

Obviously, we have the threat of a twelve point deduction (or is it fifteen?) as the Times, the thinking man’s Sun newspaper, trumpeted last week. Quite frankly I’m past caring and if the bureaucrats are going to hammer us, they will because nobody seems to like us but we don’t care. However, one thought on this is if we bought Pederson for £3 million when apparently we shouldn’t, why the hell did the powers to be allow him to be registered?

Perhaps they should take a hard look at themselves first but that’s unlikely given the fact that they’re a bunch of robotic bureaucrats who need to get a life. It also makes you wonder what would be their stance if we were London based instead of Brummies. And I think we all know the answer to that one.