Travel early warning from rail companies

Ticket restrictions lifted to help passengers.

London Northwestern Railway and West Midlands Railway are advising passengers to travel early to avoid delays. Ticket restrictions have been lifted to help travel early.

Severe weather is affecting all LNR and WMR routes. The train companies say passengers can expect disruption and cancellations for the remainder of the day.

A spokesman for the operator of both services, West Midlands Trains, said “We have been experiencing weather related problems over several of our routes since the start of services this morning – and the weather forecast for the rest of the day on our network doesn’t look good.

“Many customers have chosen not to travel. We’re conscious that should the weather deteriorate this afternoon, our service maybe affected. We are recommending, where possible, you make your journey as early as you can, so that you don’t get caught out and find yourself significantly delayed or unable complete your journey should the forecast weather cause us problems.”

Both LNR and WMR have lifted evening peak ticket restrictions from both Birmingham and London Euston to help make journeys easier.