Rocking at the Robin

The Robin 2 in Bilston has a varied line-up for the rest of the week.

On Thursday 8th February there’s a return to the Robin for post-punk Wirral megastars-in-waiting Half Man Half Biscuit. From commentating on Thatcher’s Britain to reflecting the vagiaries and absurdities of the 21st century, the band remain the ultimate cult act – hardly ever playing gigs, releasing an album every three or four years and keeping a fanbase that borders on the fanatical.

Tickets £22

Then on Friday the ninth another act of similar vintage but very different image also make a re-appearance in Bilston. The Anti Nowhere League came along at the beginning of the eighties to either revitalise punk or to give it one last kicking, depending on your point of view. The ultimate in foul-mouthed yobs, they incredibly scored a run of hit singles despite being banned from virtually every English-speaking radio station and have gone from punk icons to influencing some of the biggest bands in the world without anyone ever working out whether they’re being serious or not.

Tickets £12.50

In total contrast comes Sunday the 11th’s act. Serpentyne were founded in 2010 and have become one of the most appreciated symphonic rock bands in the country. Originally combining folk and Celtic influences, their recent third album The Serpent’s Kiss has seen the band moving towards a heavier, rock-orientated sound.

Tickets £10

To buy tickets and for information on all future Robin 2 events, call the box office on 01384-401211 or visit