Cook ready for lunch

Award-winning comic to star at Press Club function.

He was once voted the funniest man in the Midlands. Lunch guests will find out if he still is.

His stand-up comedy routines have wowed audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Birmingham Comedy Festival and clubs around the country. Now Brummie comedian James Cook (pictured) is planning to do the same at Birmingham Press Club’s Christmas lunch on 14th December.

In 2003, James won a Jongleurs/Spike Milligan award for being the funniest person in the Midlands. That’s 14 years ago – and they haven’t asked for it back. So James is assuming it must still be him!

“I’m told that some members of the audience can give you a hard time at a Press Club Christmas lunch. But we’re all Brummies together so they should appreciate my brand of humour,” said James, who lives in Kings Heath. “At least, that’s what I am hoping!”

ne reviewer has described his act as having “scant regard for the hackneyed conventions of stand-up,” while others had said he is “truly original” and “suave and chirpy”.

James’ career has also taken him into radio and for ten years he worked as a presenter on three commercial stations. The Press Club lunch is being held at Birmingham Hippodrome’s Circle Restaurant.

Pic: Jonathan Lee