Solihull coach firm wins airline transport deal

LandFlight agrees new three-year contract with FlyBe.

FlyBe’s pilots are responsible for transporting thousands of passengers to their destinations smoothly and safely every day – and thanks to a new deal with a Solihull executive travel firm, their vital journey to the airport is now taken care of too.

The Exeter-based airline has inked a new three-year deal with LandFlight to transport its flight crew to airports around the UK. LandFlight takes Flybe’s flight deck and cabin crew to UK airports where the airline operates, from Exeter in the south west to Manchester in the north.

The announcement extends a fruitful working relationship between the two companies which has been in place since the turn of the century, when Flybe was still operating under the Jersey European name. LandFlight Director Danny Matthews said: “We travel to all parts of the country with Flybe. Our reputation for providing a reliable service with quality vehicles and drivers is key.

“The staff we are transporting will have to fly an aircraft when they arrive, so we need to get them there comfortably and on time. Flybe knows this is what we will deliver, so naturally we are delighted to extend our partnership with them.”

LandFlight operates a fleet of Mercedes saloons, which it uses for charters such as Flybe’s. Mark Flanagan, Flybe’s head of sourcing, said: “We’ve been working with LandFlight for more than 15 years and we are happy to be extending our relationship with them. It’s vital for our crews to have a comfortable and reliable trip to the airport before they start work, and we are pleased that LandFlight will continue to deliver this service.”

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