Free workshop for West Midlands musicians

New series of UK-wide events for musicians and songwriters visits Birmingham.

As the global music business continues to change and develop at a daunting rate, how and where to find accurate, relevant and up-to-date information has become a critical challenge for today’s musicians.

Blueprint (3rd June 2017, The Glee Club) is a free workshop which aims to help music-makers understand the many of the issues they face, and offer vital business advise that will ensure their career stays on the right track.

Part of a new UK-wide series of creative business support events, Blueprint explores how to successfully distribute and promote music, with inside tips and best practice, as well as provide information on some of the best tools and services available.

With a line-up of leading industry speakers, among those in attendance include Stuart Belsham from PRS For Music, Chris Cooke from acclaimed industry news service CMU Daily, Sam Taylor from TuneCore and music PR and promotional expert Lyle Bignon.

Says Taylor: “Blueprint allows us to meet with artists face-to-face and provide them with the local tools and resources they need to be successful; to help musicians and songwriters increase money-earning opportunities and take charge of their own careers.”

How to effectively manage the digital music landscape is an area which is becoming increasingly important, and valuable, for musicians. For example, TuneCore distributed $188 million to artists world-wide last year, and have registered an 85% growth in musician’s streaming earnings over a 12 month period, with streaming growing by 84% in the UK.

“We’ll be discussing everything from song publishing and royalty collection, to how to easily access such streaming platforms as Spotify, Apple’s iTunes, GooglePlay, Tidal, Deezer and YouTube,” says Taylor. “We’ll also be dispelling many of the myths surrounding digital distribution.”

Alongside a chance to find out more about the business behind making music, Blueprint presents attendees with the opportunity to network with like-minded peers, such as musicians, managers, and labels, and to make useful contacts that could change career paths.

Blueprint takes place at The Glee Club, Birmingham, on Saturday 3rd June 2017, from 1pm. Admission is free. To reserve your ticket, and find out more, see: