Canaries wing it

Andy Munro on Blues 2-0 defeat to Norwich.

Blues might have smacked the woodwork twice and had a few decent spells of possession but our defensive frailties were there again. It’s all starting to become a bit worrying if yet not quite reaching the tragic stage. For the last few matches, I have been ‘comfortably numb’, willing to look at the bigger picture, even comforting myself with the poor early win ratio of capable managers like Sam Allardyce and Gary Monk. However, Blues inability to keep clean sheets and the paucity of goals up top is becoming a real concern.

Listening to Giafranco, who sounds a nice bloke, as is my postman by the way, he already sounds like a beaten man and not seemingly a man who can really inspire. I never thought that I would highlight Paul lambert as in the inspirational category but his pitch side persona at the Wolves Liverpool game was an impressive show of passion nonetheless. Mind you, however impressive the Wolves performance was against the Red Scouse, the sycophantics of Paul Franks for a supposedly unbiaised Radio WM makes me hanker for the return of Capital Radio and Tom Ross…something else that I never thought that I’d say.

Anyway, back to the Blues, and a confidence boosting win in the next two home games against Reading and Fulham is now critical to a footballing patient heading for intensive care. Yet, Zola’s signings, on paper at least, have impressive CVs but can he get them to play. Frei looks a good signing as does Gardner but the jury has to be out on the rest? Despite this, Blues have the makings of a decent middle of the table side if they can be knitted together by the Manager but most of all that’s where the jury is out.

Maybe the return of the prodigal Jack Storer and the introduction of centre half Dan Scarr, who both bleed blue blood, to the first team squad might provide the injection of fire and enthusiasm that seems to be lacking. We’re only two defeats away from the stage when anything is worth trying.