CommonGround in Birmingham

CommonGround is a political organisation looking to build consensus on the future of Europe, post-Brexit and Birmingham is one of the Ten Towns featured in their ongoing campaign. Network coordinator Ben Bessey explains why Brummies should get involved in the discussion on where we go from here at an event on 7th December.

CommonGround is holding a fact-finding mission in Birmingham on Wednesday December 7th.

Our aim is to understand how the people of Birmingham see the town’s strengths and weaknesses, what their hopes and fears are after the Brexit referendum, and what they think politics can do to help.

We will be holding a public discussion event on the same day at the University of Birmingham to discuss the idea of ‘Unity in Diversity’ – how diversity functions in Birmingham, and how it is involved in the situation in the wake of the referendum. You can find the event on Facebook here.

CommonGround is a non-partisan group campaigning for a fair and open society – and honest politics. It was created in the wake of the referendum by a group of people who want to stay in the EU. Our priority now is to stop a destructive Brexit. We are seeking common ground among people who voted in different ways in the referendum to achieve this.

Our first project is called Ten Towns, a bid to listen and learn from communities where the vote to leave the EU was decisive. Birmingham is one of the ten towns and cities we are visiting.