Press beats Post

Better late than never.

The original Moseley Station, c. 1860’s

The original Moseley Station, c. 1860’s

The Birmingham Post, once a mighty morning paper and now reduced to a weekly, has published a piece about the possibility of the Moseley/Kings Heath rail line re-opening- five months after we first reported it on this site.

Back in April, we said the HS2 high-speed link from London meant local lines could be used once again. And that included the so-called Camp Hill track running through south Birmingham. Presently, it is used only by freight.

It has taken almost half a year for The Post to gear up and print the story. Sigh….it must have been a slow summer in the paper’s newsroom. Maybe the ink pots were running on empty. Anyway, as a public service, here is the link to the Post article – hot off the press five months after we first ran the story.″

3 thoughts on “Press beats Post

  1. Birmingham Post has carried stories about this line’s possible re-opening several times over the summer (from June 9th) during their extensive coverage of the devolved transport powers for the WMCA. So two months behind you, not six.

    • Dear Reader, Thank you for pointing this out…The Post, with its daily online presence and its weekly paper, was only two months late in grabbing hold of this important story

  2. Birmingham Mail, Chamberlain Files, Martin Mullaney’s blog, Re-stirred forum and Balsall Heath is our Planet were all taking about it before this website…wake up News Desk!

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