Harvest event for community project

Gaia’s Garden at the Old Print Works hosts Community Harvest.

The suburban community green space, Gaia’s Garden, will mark the changing seasons with a community harvest at the Old Print Works, Balsall Heath, on Saturday 10 September from 10am-3pm.

Local residents and members of the community are invited to join the celebrations at Gaia’s Harvest, where an abundance of organic, home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden will be prepared to create a nutritious and delicious feast for everyone to enjoy.

The day will not only mark the changing of seasons, but will celebrate the hard work that volunteers have put into this shared space over the last five months, nurturing and growing plants as well as strengthening community ties.

As well the produce planted and grown in Gaia’s Garden, attendees are encouraged to bring along their own contributions, dishes and ingredients from their own allotments along to the celebration.

Having opened to the public in Spring this year, Gaia’s Garden has been transformed from a disused factory courtyard into a thriving community green space, using up-cycled materials to sustainably grow useful plants, fruits and vegetables throughout the Summer months.

Since its launch in May, the garden has brought together local residents every week, sharing knowledge, learning skills, forging friendships and getting their fingers green.

Working with various people and organisations from across Birmingham, the garden has created a focal point in the heart of Balsall Heath for local residents to use and enjoy, whilst promoting sustainable living, self-sufficiency and low cost living.

With the help of Kew Gardens’ Grow Wild scheme, the project has also planted native wild flowers throughout the local area, helping to brighten public spaces, backyards and balconies, and adding a touch of colour to the streets of the Birmingham suburb.

Organiser Tessa Burwood, Professional Incredibles, explains: “Since Spring, we’ve been working closely with local residents and organisations to help make a positive difference in Balsall Heath. Together, we have transformed the previously neglected area into a beautiful, thriving and productive space for everyone to enjoy!

“It’s been great to see so many members of our diverse community come together to learn, share and nurture the garden, and Gaia’s Harvest is going to be a fantastic celebration of the many months of hard work and dedication that we’ve put into it! Everybody is welcome to come along – the more the merrier!”

Gaia’s Harvest will take place at Gaia’s Garden at the Old Print Works, Balsall Heath, on Saturday 10 September 2016 from 10am-3pm.

There will also be a host of activity to coincide with Gaia’s Harvest at the Old Print Works across the weekend, including a clothes sale, pop up Czech architects, cocktails, live music and cinema screenings.