Howard’s big bumper bonanza Mid East quiz – summer edition

elston2-logo35Sir Howard Elston, confidante to world leaders, answers your pressing questions of the day…for no fee!!!!!!

Q: Just what the heck is happening in Syria? I’m confused – Val from London, England

A: Hello Val. It goes something like this: Turkey, which has arrested half its domestic judiciary, has plunged south into Syrian territory to take on the murderous ISIS regime. While it’s at it, it will take on the Kurds who have plagued Turkey for decades. The Kurds are backed by the US which is a member of NATO as is Turkey which, by the way, backs the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which the US doesn’t formally support because it supports the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) which is nominally linked to the aforementioned Kurdish rebel army.  

Meanwhile, the Assad regime, with the aid of Putin’s Russia, is barrel-bombing Aleppo. Trump admires Putin who he sees as an exemplary brand of thug. So, I guess Trump supports illegal weaponry and Communism though he is also a pal of Britain’s comedy act right-wing political hack Nigel Farage. And then, of course, there is Iran which allows Russia to use its air bases to blast away at anti Assad remnants. As for the UN…..well, it wrings its hands a lot.

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