Trumped Up Quotes



Just how many famous quotes can you identify in the following exclusive Howard Elston interview with Republican top dog Donald Trump? Get the answers right and you’ll be whisked away to the Premier Inn of your choice. Answers at the end of the article.


Sir Howard Elston: Hey, Donnie, Babeeee, what’s the message to the United States now that you’re the GOP’s chief honcho?

DONALD TRUMP: Howie, I want to tell Americans to have patience, courage and resolve in these difficult days.

SHE: Hmmm, sounds familiar. Next question, you are a billionaire, a TV star with homes all over the planet, you have great hair and money to burn. Why lose cash to run for prez?

TrumpDT:  Everything I do is for my country.

SHE: Hmmm, still sounds familiar. Next…in foreign politics, where do you stand?

DT: I don’t want to see this country resemble Mexico. I take a tough stand. After all, it’s better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.

SHE: But you do stretch credibility with baseless statements about Mexicans, the Clintons, the media and even your own fellow Republicans.

DT: Howie, c’mon, get real…if you tell a lie enough times, it’ll be believed. I mean, that’s life.

SHE: Hmm, has that familiar ring to that too. Last query, you seem intent on using personal if not libellous invective when it comes to Hillary  in the election. What’s behind it all, Big D?

DT: A man’s greatest joy is crushing enemies.

SHE: Tough talking, indeed. Lord Trump, always a pleasure. Do I wait for the usual invoice on this 1-2-1 sitdown?

DT: Howie, keep the cheque and buy yourself a new suit and a weekend at one of my superb resorts.


Mr Trump borrowed quotes- in no particular order- from Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi, Ghengis Khan,  Adolf Hitler, KKK boss David Dukes, Cambodian despot Pol Pot and Benito Mussolini. Match the names to the quotes and claim your prize.