The ever-rocking Robin

There’s a couple of dates at the Robin 2 in Bilston for classic rock lovers this week.

Chantel McGregor

Chantel McGregor

One of the best young blues guitarists in the world will be returning to the Robin on Wednesday. Chantel McGregor has won awards for her playing and singing as well as acclaim for her live show, which will be drawing on her prog-influenced studio album from last year, Lose Control.

Tickets £14

There’s a folk double bill on Thursday. Pentangle have evolved over the years by incorporating elements of jazz and since reforming in 2008 have overcome the death of founder member Bert Jansch three years later to continue touring with another foudner member, Jacqui McShee, on vocals. Also appearing will be contemporaries Magna Carta, whose first recording was released in 1969 and who have been recording and playing live ever since.

Tickets £22.50

For tickets and details of other Robin shows call 01902-401211 or visit the website here