The library story

Alan Clawley on an upcoming literary event.

On 26th April, Ikon Gallery Director, Jonathan Watkins, will be interviewing me in the Gallery about my book Library Story, which is an account of the life of Birmingham’s Central Library and how it was condemned to premature death to fulfil the council’s long-held ambition to hand over Paradise Circus to a private property developer.

The Ikon has been a staunch fan of Madin’s Library and has hosted work by Perry Roberts, Stuart Whipps, and Katherina Grosse that was inspired by its abstract geometric form. In 2010 Jonathan invited Madin to lunch at the Ikon to meet some other artists and discuss his work. It was a moving occasion and would be one of Madin’s last public engagements before his death in January 2012.

This is a link to the event page on the IKON website

People can book online or by phoning Ikon on 0121 248 0711. Signed copies of Library Story will be on sale in the shop.