Howard’s interview with Sarah Palin – exclusive

Howard ElstonOur diplomatic editor Sir Howard ‘The Truth’ Elston sits down with America’s sweetheart Sarah Palin.


Sir Howard Elston:

Hello, Ms Palin, thanks for this sit-down as we build up to the US primaries. As a life member of the National Rifle Association, what are your political thoughts and how you see the main….


Sarah Palin:



*A full transcript of this world shattering interview can be found on Simply mail Sir Howard $9.99 plus postage in small bills and you will receive the 465 page print-out by November 2016


Now you can view our Sarah ‘Wailin’ Palin picture gallery:

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Fans queue for Our Gal Sal autographs outside Pigswill, Oklahoma

Our gal Sal prepares for next Trumpie speech in Crackerbarrel, Idaho

Our gal Sal prepares for next Trumpie speech in Crackerbarrel, Idaho

Our Sal greets Alaskan Frontier Force who repelled Soviet Attack with an arsenal of sedimentary rocks and firecrackers

Our gal Sal greets Alaskan Volunteer Force which repelled Soviet attack with an arsenal of sedimentary rocks, fireworks and an array of small arm nuclear devices