All in the Game

Gaming fest aims to revive Frankley library.

The Frankley Library, a staple of the local community for decades, is fighting against the slow ‘death of the libraries’ by holding a video gaming event.

Frankley Gaming Fest, sponsored by the community site Nintendoid, will be held on Thursday, Deember 10th from 3pm to 7pm in Frankley Library. The event is free of charge and welcomes people of all ages.

The Frankley Gaming Fest which aims to revive Frankley’s community by bringing people back to the library, is an event for gamers of all background and age to gather and have videogame-related fun. The event combines free play of popular video games from both past and present – from Pac-man and Super Mario to FIFA 2016 and Mario Kart – gaming tournaments and a raffle, featuring several prizes. The retro to modern gaming theme is to allow the audience to interact with games of different eras and see what developments have occurred over the past few decades.

The amount of people visiting the library has decreased dramatically over the past few years. The area of Frankley is slowly degrading with little to no activities available for teenagers in the area. The Youth Centre has closed down and there are only a small number of clubs going on the area that will only cater to certain people.

Sue Baker, librarian for many years says: “The Frankley library is facing hard times. The budget for books and resources has been cut-off, the amount of people visiting the library is decreasing with every single day and the community is tearing apart.”

The video gaming event aims to get people into a safe, social environment where they will be able to keep themselves entertained and also have access to the many facilities the library has to offer.