Great Birmingham Run stat attack

What uses 18kg of safety pins and 145,000 bottles of drinks?

With the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run fast approaching on 18th October, here’s a few facts about the event:

Haile Gebrselassie, widely regarded as the greatest male distance runner in history, won the event in 2011

The average age of runner works out at 36, but there are actually more 29-year-olds than any other age

There will be 26 countries represented on the start line, with runners travelling from as far away as New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia.

Our runners’ miles would take you around the world more than nine times!

The most popular estimated time for runners to complete the course is two hours

The oldest male will be 80 and the oldest female will be 76

Out of all runners registered, 434 also took part in the Morrisons Great North Run in September

Although most runners come from in and around the Birmingham area, there is representation from as far north as Inverness and as far south as Guernsey.

If all barriers used on event day were laid end to end, they would stretch for almost three miles.

You would have to lift a bag weighing more than 18kg to carry around all the safety pins used on event day

Renowned Birmingham chef David Colcombe has created a Great Birmingham Bun to give runners an energy boost

Nearly 2,000 runners also took part in the Morrisons Great Birmingham 10k in May

Thirsty runners will consume a total of 60,000 bottles of Lucozade Sport and 85,000 bottles of Aqua Pura Water.

300 volunteers have given up their time to work over event weekend. Give them a wave!

There will be more Davids and Sarahs running in the event than any other names, closely followed by Pauls and Emmas

It takes 17 baggage buses to hold all the runners’ bags