Library Story

Appeal for help with book publication.

Library Story will be an illustrated 200-page book about Birmingham’s 1970s Central Library and the campaign of the Friends of the Central Library to save it from premature demolition. The book has been written by Birmingham Press contributor Alan Clawley, edited by Hazel Clawley and is being designed by Ian Cuthbert. All have given their time voluntarily and without charge.

For publication to go ahead Friends of the Central Library needs to raise £1,500 by public subscription to pay for its printing and distribution of 100 copies. Should the target of £1,500 not be reached all contributions will be returned to the donors.

Contributions of any amount are welcome but anyone donating £15 or more will be entitled to receive a copy of the book.

To subscribe in the traditional way send a cheque made out to Friends of the Central Library to
Iqbal Basi
23 Watson Road
West Midlands WV14 9RY

4 thoughts on “Library Story

  1. Is it best to publish it now or to wait till the story is complete (in terms of either being demolished or being saved from demolition)?

    • Good question. As the building has not been a library since 2013, and the book is entitled ‘Library Story’, it needs to be published now, regardless of what happens next. If it is saved from demolition that will be another story.

  2. Hi Alan/Iqbal
    Hopefully things are moving … I’ve asked my sister to send Iqbal a cheque from me as I don’t have a cheque book (PayPal would have been helpful here!!)
    Why don’t you and Dad (John Ericsson) sign some copies?

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