Extremism debate at city university

UCB to host forum on radicalisation.

University College Birmingham will host an evening later this week dedicated to exploring the issue of radicalisation within communities as part of the EUGANGS project.

The forum, entitled Radicalisation: fallacy or reality? will examine the process by which individuals and groups come to adopt extreme ideals that reject and undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.

Guest speakers will include Tanayah Sam, who has extensive experience relating to gang culture, extremism and the criminal justice system and Dave Allport, Founder and Director of the anti-racism and anti-extremism project REWIND UK.

The forum will be of great interest to professionals within the sector, community leaders, those working in education and members of the public who want to raise their awareness of current issues.

The event will be held at UCB’s McIntyre House campus on Thursday 17 September from 5.30pm–8.30pm. All are welcome to attend.