Birmingham business reinvents communications technology

2,500 customers are now using Nimvelo Phone.

A Birmingham businessman is reinventing communications technology and has already transformed the way that 3,100 ambitious young companies communicate with their staff and customers.

Entrepreneur Charles Chance, Director of Nimvelo, is on a drive to make business communications simple and accessible for all.

Spotting a gap in the market for an internet-based phone service, specifically tailored for start-up businesses, Charles initially launched a consultancy with a personal cash injection of £20,000, writing software for others to use from his spare bedroom. Five years on, and with an exciting new brand that speaks directly to innovative business owners, Nimvelo has already helped 3,100 firms. The business, which has grown with no external investment, now boasts five full-time employees and a city centre office at Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus.

Going from strength to strength, it is continually inventing effective new ways of working and the launch of Nimvelo Phone – a cloud-based phone system that allows colleagues to talk to their customers as a team – has already proved a huge hit, allowing employees to work anywhere without hassle or limitation.

Around 2,500 customers are using the pioneering phone system and in the past 12 months alone, seven millions calls have been made and one million text messages sent.

“Customers are able to sign up and get a business number on an entirely self-service basis, at any time of day or night, with no contract or long-term commitment,” said Charles. “The fact that they can sign-up for as little or as long as they like has proved extremely popular. We believe that ambitious young companies need solutions for their businesses and they need them fast. Entrepreneurs don’t sleep and neither do their businesses.”

He added: “Whether it’s talking to each other on the phone or sharing files, Nimvelo is continually inventing new ways for teams to communicate with each other.”

Following the success of Nimvelo Phone, now being used by businesses including Aptus Utilities – an Independent Connections Provider based in Bolton – and several branches of leading charity Age UK, Nimvelo has branched into the re-seller market enabling other IT companies to offer the same service to their clients but under their own brand.

Most recently, Charles and his team have been working hard to wrap the entire Nimvelo service with an API that allows customers and external developers to integrate their phone systems and calls with bespoke multi-functional services, tailored to their business.

“We have big ambitions for Nimvelo and we are keen to build on our success,” said Charles. “A strong growth plan is in place; we intend to double the number of staff within the next 18 months and take turnover to over £2million during the next three years.”

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