The mild rovers

Andy Munro watches Blues draw with Blackburn Rovers.

At this stage of the season, a match between two safe mid-table sides either means unlimited boredom or a thrilling affair between two teamss with nothing to lose. In reality, the first half was more of the former and the second half was definitely the latter.

In true Gary Rowett tradition, the side was unchanged from our previous win and we lined up against a talented Blackburn side where just one of their players cost four times the total that Blues have spent on their whole team.

This funding gap was evident in the first half where Blackburn looked the smoother and more dangerous side. However, their goal came from a set piece and an easy headed goal encouraged by criminally, slack marking.

However, the second half was a different matter and particularly when a Donaldson dink was brilliantly cleared off the line by a Blackburn defender. This set the stadium alight with a rousing Keep Right On chorus which, in turn, seemed to inspire the team to greater efforts.

This culminated in a great Grounds header from a corner and it then seemed likely to be only one winner. Unfortunately, a monumental muck-up (putting it nicely) involving the otherwise impressive Randolph led to that man Rhodes poaching a second in typical style.

Luckily Blues were far from spent and Demi Gray cut inside to bring us deservedly back on terms. Our subs also added impetus with Wes Thomas’s pace and strength unsettling the Blackburn defence. Perhaps more surprising was an impressive cameo, at last, from the much-maligned Dyer.

Both sides had chances to win the game but were thwarted by some great keeping and it has to said that a draw was a fair reflection of the pattern of play. This was a good test as one would expect this talented Blackburn side to be challenging for promotion next season.

In terms of Blues players overall, everybody had a decent game with the possible exception of Cotterill but the ill-informed that abuse him conveniently forget his assists and goals over the season from a player who never hides from his responsibilities to always be an option.

Caddis and Donaldson were particularly outstanding as was the bundle of skill that is Fabrini. He’s that good he falls into the ‘worth the admission money alone’ category.

Somebody said on the radio that if we could sign Fabrini, Kiernan and Tesche and it meant selling Demi Gray then it would be worth it. I’m not sure about that but, to some extent, can see the logic.

If I had a criticism after this entertaining match is that I suspect that Rowett already knows his retained list. If he does, why not give three or four of our youngsters a chance, at least on the bench?