Acoustic Robin

Prog, folk or whatever kind of rock you want to call it, there’s plenty coming up at the Robin over the next few weeks.

This Thursday, 16th April, sees a solo acoustic show from one of the best-known guitarists in rock history. Steve Howe’s influences cover a variety of styles from classic to jazz but he is best known for his work with Yes. This year sees the release of an anthology of Steve’s solo material, much of which will be given an airing along with other arrangements from his long and illustrious career.

Tickets £20

Thursday 23rd April sees the return of another Robin favourite in the shape of folk rockers Renaissance . This is a band with a unique history, who considering their recorded output surprisingly rose from the ashes of blues pioneers the Yardbirds. Still featuring the distinctive voice of Annie Haslam, last year’s acclaimed Symphony of Light was their first album release for thirteen years.

Tickets £20

On Tuesday 12th May veteran prog rockers Gryphon will be making their Robin debut. Possibly the only band to have been played on Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the same week, their wide-ranging style saw them performing live in venues as varied as Madison Square Garden, the Old Vic theatre and assorted cathedrals. As solo artists the band’s members have worked in every conceivable type of music and now back on the road they will be showing how versatile Gryphon can be.

Tickets £15

Tickets and more information from the box office on 01902-401211 or at