Kids Korner!!!! Howard’s Big Xmas Word Quiz

Sir Howard Elston (DOA), diplomatic editor of this fairly unique website, gives us a larf’n a harf with word funtime. 

Howard Elson reportsHey Kids! What with Christmas only 987 days away, time to cuddle up with a good old book, a candle and a pencil and paper as I show you Yuletide Games to tickle your Xmas stockings. Today, it’s anagrams. For instance:


TONY BLAIR is really TORY IN LAB when you mix up the letters.


Get it? Great. Here are some more to amaze your chums:

David Cameron anagram: Smarmy Poshboy

Hilary Clinton anagram:  Aging grannie

Andrew Mitchell anagram:  Total Pleb Loser

Pope Francis anagram:  Bloody Argie

Theresa May anagram:  New Maggie

Nigel Farage anagram: Secret Commie

Posh Becks anagram:  Victoria Beckham

Benedict Cumberbatch anagram:  Cumber Benderbatch

Kate Bush anagram: Screechy Voice Comeback

Boris Johnson anagram:  Blowhard Fatmouth Bloated Whicker Head

Russell Brand anagram:   Blowhard Fatmouth Scarecrow Nincompoop

Bob Geldof anagram:       Pious Bastard

Fun, eh? Why don’t you think of you own? Send ‘em in and you can win a free weekend in Plymouth where you can, well, not do much really.