Birmingham MP condemns Chancellor

Osborne accused on child poverty.

Birmingham MP Liam Byrne today condemned George Osborne’s attack on Birmingham’s children as the politics of ‘You’re on your own’.

Byrne claimed that George Osborne’s freeze of working age social security payments such as tax credits, revealed in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference currently taking place in Birmingham, will trap thousands of the city’s children living in working families deeper in poverty. Meanwhile the Chancellor also announced a £3 billion-a-year tax cut for the richest 1%.

House of Commons library figures for Birmingham show that 33,900 families are in receipt of working tax credits. Liam Byrne said: “Child poverty already costs our city over £1 billion. Today we needed help. Yet what we got was a fresh attack. Osborne’s attack on help like tax credits is going to plunge yet more children in working families into poverty. Nearly 70% of the people hit the last time the Tories did this were families with children.”

“Only George Osborne could stand up in the ward with some of the worst child poverty in Britain and announce this fresh attack. He seems determined to ensure a generation of nearly 100,000 Birmingham children grow up in a poverty from which there is no escape.”

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  1. Birmingham MP found to be living in cloud cuckoo land spouting standard reaction. La la la la la la

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