Thirty years of women’s work under the spotlight

Anniversary celebration at the Rep.

Women & Theatre’s 30th anniversary celebrations culminate in an exciting new production, fittingly titled, For the Past 30 Years, at Birmingham Repertory Theatre from October 9th–11th. The piece is not a history of the company, but a compelling collection of six monologues created from interviews with over fifty women who have also been doing their job for thirty years from 1984 to 2014.

Employees are often considered long-term if they remain in the same job for five years. Having the same job for 30 years is definitely an achievement that calls for celebration. In the current climate of internships, zero hours contracts, disappearing pensions and the momentous changes to public services, For the Past 30 Years offers a unique opportunity to shine a light on the experiences of women who have reached their professional ‘Pearl Anniversary’ milestone working in the theatre, health, community, probation, education, and business sectors.

Combining the writing talents of Naylah Ahmed, Stephanie Dale, Katy Knight, Stephanie Ridings, Hannah Silva and Polly Wright, with fantastic performances from Lorna Laidlaw (BBC Doctors), Hema Mangoo (BBC Asian Network’s Silver Street) and Women & Theatre’s Artistic Director and founder member, Janice Connolly (C4 Phoenix Nights), For the Past 30 Years is a thought-provoking piece of theatre which examines the last three decades, asking: what’s been lost and has anything been gained?

Women & Theatre is an award-winning Birmingham-based company, led by Janice Connolly (aka Barbara Nice), which has been pioneering new ways of addressing contemporary social issues through performance since 1984. Reactive to cultural and societal changes and focussing upon the human stories behind different subject matters, Women & Theatre produce work buzzing with the energy of people’s experience, delivering in its thirty years over 5,000 performances and workshops with over 150,000 people of all ages and backgrounds.

Women & Theatre owes much of its longevity to the strong partnerships it has formed in the delivery of its artistic programme, which has seen theatre projects delivered within the contexts of health, education, community and probation – strands which are brought together in this new production.

For The Past 30 Years will be directed by Tessa Walker and Caroline Wilkes.

Tickets: £12 / £9 concessions Box Office: 0121 236 4455 Online Booking: