Film blow for Birmingham

Giant Screen Cinema to close.

The future of the Midlands’ largest cinema screen is in doubt after the announcement today that is it to cease operations in the New Year.

The 72′ screen, situated at Millennium Point, first opened in 2000. However, following a review of its viability the owners of the site have taken the decision to start a consultation process with the staff team to explore alternative uses for the auditorium and event space. It is proposed that the Giant Screen will cease its operation as a permanent commercial cinema from January 2015.

Philip Singleton, CEO of Millenium Point said: “Millennium Point is a real success story; over the past six years we have made a good return and we continue to do so. This gives us an opportunity to financially support our founding partners and deliver great events ourselves. The performance of the Giant Screen has been reviewed constantly and has not succeeded in being anywhere near breakeven. In fact, it is a very significant drain on money so we are looking to review the use of the space. Our proposal is to move away from being a commercial cinema destination.

“We will continue to show educational films to schools and we will obviously take a serious look at how the space could be used in new ways as a rather special auditorium.To stop doing something is tough when it potentially impacts on my team’s jobs and roles. If we proceed, I do envisage this to mean that jobs will potentially reduce here and we are making sure that we handle this with care.”

The Giant Screen Cinema will continue to be open as usual whilst this consultation process takes place and all current bookings will be honoured.

2 thoughts on “Film blow for Birmingham

  1. maybe the marketing was wrong, or even non existent. We went to. see The Last Waltz which is a great rock and roll doco.

    There were five others in the cinema…more folks on the screen actually. There was no bill posters or teases to get you into the building and staff seemed pretty phlegmatic about it all

  2. Should turn it into an adult cinema, a screen that size would definately pull in the crowds.

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