Immortal Chi

Terry Wills is left spellbound by a display from the Orient.


I must confess that prior to visiting the New Alexandra Theatre to see this authentic production, I was in total ignorance of any form of traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Apart, of course, from watching film versions by the likes of the late Bruce Lee.

Seeing these depicted on film, where cameras can be halted should things not go according to plan (and subsequently reshot) is one thing but being among a transfixed audience seeing it live on stage, is an entirely different experience.

Direct from China this world tour, with 35 dates in the UK alone, is an amazing production. Martial arts, multi -media images, acrobatic gymnastic sequences, the equal of any that can be seen in the Olympics, plus original music. And here a special mention must be made for the Chinese Girl Drummers, who with fantastic synchronisation left the audience applauding with gusto.

As an aside there is also comedy, with three members of the audience called on stage to participate , plus marvellous displays of balancing.

To sum up, from the view of a non-expert I can only say that Immortal Chi is a fusion of colour, spectacle, fantastic martial arts, and excitement that will leave anyone who decides to witness for themselves, shaking their heads in wonder. It’s certainly a unique show that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by people of all ages, and you should catch it should it return to the area.