Dance ‘Til Dawn

Terry Wills reviews the touring dance sensation. 

Without question dancing, in whatever form might be you our particular choice, has never been so popular. The phenomenal success of the BBC in screening Strictly Come Dancing, a show that has gone on to delight viewers of all ages, has had the spin–off of making the pastime more popular than ever.

All aspects of dance are included in ‘Strictly’ – waltzes, quicksteps, foxtrots, moving on to the American Smooth, pasa doble, jive, hip hop and all the rest, plus the sensuous, sexy Argentine Tango.

Ah yes , the Argentine Tango, virtually unknown until Vincent Simone and  Flavia Cacace came along to demonstrate a dance, that in the main, wasn’t on the curriculum of dance school lessons. The partnership were such an integral part of ‘Strictly’ they decided to leave, devise, and choreograph a touring theatre production, Midnight Tango, that proved to be a smash hit.

Their inevitable second triumph, Dance ‘Til Dawn, played the New  Alexandra Theatre last week,  and for anyone who missed the show (and it really is a show) take my advice. Hope that, should it return, you won’t make the same mistake.

Fantastic, original choreography, not only from Simone and Flavia, but a cast of highly talented dancers, leaving the audience marvelling at the technical skills required to provide such wonderful entertainment. There is a storyline, set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, incorporating murder, a police chase, and gangsters, but it doesn‘t really matter. It’s the dancing that takes centre stage. Synchronised frenetic footwork, Flavia wearing a variety of shimmering dresses and costumes as they move seamlessly  through a variety of numbers.

Moon River, Feeling Good, onto modern day songs, all climaxed as she and Simone, entwined as if one, demonstrate, in all its glory, the Argentine Tango. The rapturous standing applause was inevitable, not only for the magical couple  but for every dancer  who made it a great night’s

Come back soon Simone and Flavia, as I got the distinct impression that an Alex audience wouldn’t be averse too Watching ‘Til Dawn a third original dancing sensation such as this.