Howard: Why ‘Big Boy’ Rennard Will Stay With The LimpDems

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By Westminster Insider Sir Howard Elston (DOA).

The Lib Dumms say they will not be taking disciplinary action against Lord Rennard over sexual harassment claims.

Even though an independent report more or less said the corpulent pol did harass women in the LimpDem HQ, there will no  apology from him.

An independent inquiry into allegations of impropriety made by female activists concluded that the evidence against the peer was “broadly credible” (sic).

Party boss Mr Nik Klegg said he respected the report’s findings and it was right that Lord Rennard should apologise and the Limp-dumms owed an apology to all the women it had let down.

Vann Camm henchmen

LimpDem bosses

“People in positions of authority should never subject anyone, whoever they are, to behaviour which is offensive or inappropriate,” he said. “It is as simple as that.”

It was not satisfactory, he added, that “distress has been caused but there are no sanctions that can be applied”, adding that the party’s disciplinary procedures should be reformed “from top to toe”.

‘Until we do change things, Big Boy Rennard stays in in the party.’

‘Besides, he is oozing cash. ¬†And we’re out in the cold come 2015, so, we won’t give Lord Big Boy the heave-ho.”

Political expert Lord MS Tang, from the Glasgow Institute of Applied Seedy Politics said: “Lord Rennard looks real nifty in his Lords clobber. I like the dude and I hear he’s really hands on when it comes to his work.”