Howard: Why We Will Not Pander to Nigella-mania

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Our editorial manager Sir Howard Elston (DOA) explains why this website will never mention Nigella.

The recent court proceedings involving kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson and the ensuing media madness over her private life highlights how a high visibility tv personality can be crucified by rabid press coverage.

This site will not debase itself or persecute Ms Lawson as others do. Despite the fact she has signed a £4billion 18 book deal with us, including tv, cyberspace and overseas rights, we will refrain from mentioning this harassed woman as others have.

Nigella: We won't mention her

Nigella: We won’t mention her

Nigella must be left alone to bake her cakes in private in her homes and find solace from her staff, her executive producer, her agent, her accountant, her lifestyle manager and her Zumba coach.

The very fact that she is splashed over every front page following her dramatic and lurid evidence about her private life, she must be left alone to write the first part of her autobiography, her new cookbook, her How To Survive Being Hounded by the Tabloids self-help novella and her guide to modern pharmacology. Nigella must have her private space.

Mansell: Not Nigella

Mansell: Not Nigella

So, we will never mention this ordinary icon, this mum of two who has such a deep and fascinating hinterland that the first draft of the 7 hour HBO bio, I, Nigella, has already been slapped on Hollywood desks starring George Clooney as Mr Saatchi, Tom Hanks as the editor of The Sun and Hillary Clinton as Nigella herself.

Phil, a big time media observer and second hand van dealer from Leeds, commented:’Britain gets the press it deserves. I tip my hat to this website for deciding to refuse to cover the Nigella story.’

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