Double Your Donation and Save Lives



from our news desk

A Birmingham based medical charity is giving you the opportunity to double your donation and help save lives around the world

Ammalife, which is run by medical staff from The Women’s Hospital, creates and manages schemes in places such as Pakistan and Malawi to improve care to pregnant mothers and help them lead a healthier life during pregnancy.

It is taking part in a project this week called The Big Give Christmas Challenge.

On just 3 days, donations are matched pound for pound by a group of philanthropists – Charity Champions – led by Sir Alec Reed. Ammalife will be competing with 18 other good causes in the Reed Foundation International Health category

Ammalife, which is backed by this website, raised £3400 last year to fund a vital project in Pakistan that runs a transport system to get rural women to modern health facilities when nearing the time of birth. This year, the charity hopes to do the same to keep the taxi service operating.

Here is the link for donations:—saving-lives-with-a-man-with-a-van

All you have to do is support Ammalife on 5th, 6th and 7th of December. With a credit or debit car in hand, you can donate (and have your money doubled) starting at 10 am on those days.

Charity chairman Professor Arri Coomarasamy said: ‘Last year the pot of matching money was allocated in 36 minutes on the first day and well within an hour on the 2 remaining days. It’s not called a challenge for nothing.’

‘But we think it’s worth it – it’s not often we have the chance to double the good we can do. ‘


*If you want to know about Ammalife, the link is: