The Drum goes to Parliament

Invitation for Aston-based centre.

Birmingham arts centre The Drum has been invited to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 22nd November to promote Birmingham’s cultural diversity and creative excellence. The visit was suggested by Edgbaston MP Gisela Stewart to raise awareness of the creativity industries growing from Birmingham’s rich cultural landscape.


The Drum will be working with two of Birmingham’s most exciting young Hip-Hop artists, Madflow and Sic’nis, who break the mould in rap by delivering conscious, progressive music and lyrics that cut out swearing, sexism and racial stereotypes. “As a female MC, I’m working with The Drum to attract more young women to the art form and redefine the music in mainstream media” says Sic’nis. “Going to PArliament is a real privilege and an opportunity to showcase the creative innovations coming out of Birmingham.”

“We’re proud to be supporting the creative works being produced in Birmingham,” said Martin Cox, Programme Manager at The Drum. “As the UK’s second city, Birmingham has a huge amount of cultural and artistic innovation to offer, and it’s important that talented young artists can gain wider attention for their work.”