Sweet opening at honey fun day

Good news for bees in Moseley.

Bees are getting some much needed support on Saturday 28th September as local people will be planting more bee-friendly plants and seeds to as part of a bee-friendly Foraging Necklace in Highbury Park.

The Honey Fun Day runs from 1pm-6pm, and as well as planting the Foraging Necklace, will include some fantastic activities such as a honey-cake competition, games and crafts, information on honey and bee-keeping, and a chance to try orienteering around the park.

The Foraging Necklace is being set-up by Highbury Orchard Community and is the second of three bee-friendly projects funded by money raised from Birmingham Friends of the Earth’s comedy gig last October There’s Something Funny in the Honey. The Necklace is also one of many bee habitats set-up by Friends of the Earth and local communities across the country across the country as part of their Bee Cause campaign to halt the decline in UK bee populations.

Julien Pritchard Campaigns Support Worker at Birmingham Friends of the Earth said: “We’re extremely pleased to see another of our comedy gig funded projects come on-stream, and start to provide a buzzing habitat for local bee populations. Creating habitats like this is a great of taking action locally to help bees.

“However we also need to see more action from Government. The promised National Pollinator Strategy must include measures to support all bees, as well as clear targets and timescales, and to cover all government departments.”

Liz Wright of Highbury Orchard Community added: “We very much thank Birmingham FoE for funding our Foraging Necklace project in Highbury Park, Moseley. We are vastly adding to the biodiversity at Henburys Wood where we hope to see more pollinators foraging next year.

“There have been beehives at Highbury for over 50 years, so the Honey Fun Day is a chance to celebrate the honey harvest and have fun. Visitors can also find out more about bees and the part they play in our food chain.”