The Gramophones Theatre Company from End to End

In April 2012 three women made a daring and unusual journey from one end of Great Britain to the other on as many different forms of transport as possible with only one pound per mile.

The Gramophones Theatre Company from End to End

Trusting to their resourcefulness and the kindness of strangers they traveled the 874 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats to discover the real Britain.

Upon return from their epic adventure they made a heartwarming, honest and funny piece of theatre about their experiences entitled End to End. They received an array of excellent reviews at the Edinburgh festival.

Now they are about to embark on this journey a second time, this time taking the show on the road with them.

They’re bringing the show to MAC Birmingham on the 14th of May. Originally they travelled through Birmingham in a stretch limousine.

The Gramophones came together through the chance discovery of notes in Cafés around Nottingham, which read ‘Looking for quirky female performers for theatre project’. Artistic director, Hannah Stone, placed them there in order to bring a group of like-minded performers together.

Hannah Stone, Artistic Director: “We decided to make this journey because we felt that we didn’t really know Britain that well and we wanted to get out there and meet people we would never normally meet, do things we would never normally do. And we came back excited and uplifted about the world we live in”

Details on mac birmingham website here