Howard Elston’s Royal Announcement: Happy Birthday Good Queen Bess

Howard Elston


Our court correspondent  Sir Howard Elston (DOA) celebrates a right royal birthday.

The Queen’s birthday is today, I can reveal.  She is 87, according to sources deep within every newspaper in the land  and it will celebrated by a 21 gun salute over London, England.

This is her actual birthday. Her official birthday, though,  will be celebrated on 15th June because that is when any monarch celebrates his/her birthday and don’t anyone question this.

It is also the 43rd  birthday, coincidentally, of the first live performance of Freddie Mercury of Queen.

And, amazingly, it is also the 324th birthday of the the New York borough of Queens where real people live who can’t afford Manhattan.

Nigel, a birthday expert from Tyneside, writes: ‘One should always recognise the importance of Elizabeth in our lives. She is 87 and not dead yet unlike lesser mortals such as former Prime Ministers.’

Royal watcher Peter from The Lake District in England UK added: ‘I have been monitoring our beloved monarch’s movements since she was crowned. She has opened 7843 leisure centres, 60,009 schools and 14 billion racecourses.’

‘She is a national treasure and I will be outside Buckingham Palace this morning to tell her so.’

Queen tribute Flash

The Queen- happy birthday


Buckingham Palace said the Queen was taking her birthday weekend off to spend it with her family as well as to enjoy her favourite past-time – corgi baiting.

President Barack Obama has sent his birthday greetings and told White House reporters: ‘I have no idea what this is about. But Michelle and I loved Bohemian Rhapsody.’