Foxes not so fleet

It was a case of Friday night fever and the late late show for Blues at the weekend. Andy Munro was watching

Birmingham City Football Club - St Andrew'sSuddenly Blues ‘on the telly’ is not the complete torture that it used to be and it was a welcome and well-earned point against Leicester. Mind you, at the moment, as a Blues fan I feel like the Dad in the car going on holiday when the kids keep saying “Are we nearly there yet?” In this case it’s more “Are we safe yet?” and the truthful answer is probably “Not quite” although another three points is likely to put us in a position as safe as the proverbial houses.

We deserved a share of the spoils through the good unflustered football that we played and Caddis particularly brought an extra dimension from the back. Unfortunately, yet again, we couldn’t stop leaking goals and at one stage it could have been more if it hadn’t been for Blue Robbo, who must have been a candidate for Man of the Match. In fact his display was particularly timely with Butland flapping more than a pair of curtains in a gale force nine.

A word of praise for the oft- criticised Gomes, who went about his fetching and carrying duties in an efficient and unflustered manner while Redmond particularly was a constant menace to the opposition defence. The own goal we conceded was unfortunate but in my view Davies was fouled as Morgan clambered all over him. In contrast, Blues’ equaliser was beautifully worked with Morrison and Caddis indulging in a piece of give and go to set up Ziggy. The latter’s performance was only one notch above his inept Millwall display but the big fella was still on the mark when needed.

For Leicester to take the lead again was a real kick in the teeth but fair play to Lee Clark for bringing on Wes Thomas who looks as if, after a slow start, he may start a bout of hat eating amongst Bluenoses. His once mythical pace and power looks as if it may be more than a legend as he caused problems right across the Foxes back line. The foul that earned the penalty was debatably in the box but I have little sympathy for the opposition because Blues have frequently been on the wrong end of decisions in that area and the Curtis Davies incident earlier is just one example.

Who would take the penalty against a Casper S who had a penalty saving pedigree? Up stepped Chris Burke whose penalty wasn’t the best in the world but proved that anything hit firmly and on target is likely to get the right result and so it proved.

Food for thought

  • What’s the maximum that you would pay to keep Caddis?
  • Would you keep Robbo on a contract for next season?
  • Can Blues afford to play two up front with two wingers and Morrison in midfield?