BBC Strike: Sir Howard Gives You The Background

Howard Elston reports


From Sir Howard Elston,  our noted media commentator.

I have been asked to contribute a background report on why BBC journalists have gone on strike today and allowed the radio and tv to be dominated by inexhaustible  coverage (known as fodder in the trade)) of Brazilian politics, a never ending   piece on the Pope’s early Nazi career and baseball scores from Mexico.

This is because  of a strike by journalists.  BBC bosses  are waking up the 21 st c and sacking people who are mid career, have mortgages,  a baby or two and still don’t have enough cash to buy a Mondeo.

Execs  deep within  Broadcasting House have taken the initiative and are cutting back. They have taken this decision because they somehow missed sacking Jimmy Savile when he used BBC property for 40 years as a sexual playground with underage kids.

So, repeats are  being vomited out to plug huge gaps in BBC news programming. The Corporation’s flagship morning TV show, BBC One’s Breakfast, was replaced by Bargain Hunt and Escape to the Country.  It is reported that viewing figures rose immediately by 56%.

Our tv critic Nigel, a top drawer planner from Sunderland,  explains: ‘I was brought up on Tyne Tees TV  with  stories about quacking ducks and working class kids who could do calculus at the age of 6.’

‘So the Beeb was never a part of our lives.’

‘But I am outraged that low paid journalists  are being chucked out of jobs for life with the best pensions scheme in the island and with expense sheets that could fill a library.’

Today Sky Tv,  owned by Lord Sir Rupert  Murdoch,  and The Daily Mail, which is run by a  nasty littler creep, ran innumerable reports on the strike because they hate the BBC website because it is so good— and free (for now).


9 thoughts on “BBC Strike: Sir Howard Gives You The Background

  1. Give me the Daily Mail, or Mr Murdoch any day against the privileged lefties and paedos who run that disgusting racket called the BBC.

    Personally I have no sympathy with anyone who works at the neoptistic, grasping, prejudiced BBC. I hope it dies a quick and painful death.

          • Point is Steve I have a choice. I can buy or not buy these papers. But with the grasping lieing extorting and relentlessly propagandist bbc I have no choice. Maybe you like or need a public school Big Brother to tell you what to think. I don’t.

    • Ah, commonplace Imperialist bigotry, the last resort of a dying class. Love it. But for me, give me an Aussie who built an empire  from almost nothing against an upper middle class bien pensant beeboidocracy who feel they are owed the right to rule intellectually any day. C’mon guys. Enough with the shallow insults. Let’s have some substance.For one thing, how can you lefties so glibly defend the regressive tax that is the licence fee? On what grounds, precisely? Oh, and are you aware of the fact that MOST people being criminalised through the magistrates court are BBC tax dissenters? (Hey I think that’s true but I may be wrong and haven’t the time now to research it – but certainly the figures are scandalously high). And did you know that only 45% of the public trust the BBC? And that BEFORE the mega-paedo scandal! Lol!

      • I don’t know what’s the funniest – the usual jibe that anyone who doesn’t agree with any given statement must be a ”leftie’ or the claim that the majority of  magistrates court cases concern non-payment of TV licences. Or possibly the call for “enough with the shallow insults” from someone whose first sentence on this subject railed against the “privileged lefties and paedos” of the BBC. 

  2. I rather enjoy these occasional news free days on the BBC. They have some interesting programs on as replacements and it makes a nice change to rely on Russia Today and Al Jazeera for up to the minute world developments.
    Do we know if Sir H has a TV licence ? We should be told.

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