South Africa War Memorial rededication ceremony

The somewhat controversial South Africa War Memorial in Cannon Hill Park is to be rededicated at a ceremony on Saturday, 8th December.

South Africa campaign memorial 1906At 11:00 Lord Mayor Councillor John Lines and Birmingham City Council Heritage Champion Councillor Phil Davis are inviting members of the public to join them at the memorial in remembering those British service personnel that fell in the campaign.

There will be a display by Diehards Company, Midlands re-enactors of the Boer Wars and WW1, together with an exhibition:  ‘Birmingham and the 2nd Boer War 1889-1902′ in the Gardens Tea Room and Park Visitor Centre between 11:00 and 15:00.

South African War Memorial post refurbishment

South African War Memorial post refurbishment

The South Africa 1899 – 1902 2nd Anglo-Boer War Memorial was designed by Albert Toft and erected 1906. In 2012 the memorial underwent an extensive refurbishment. This followed a successful application to the War Memorial Trust for £15,000, plus match funding of £15,000 from the Council.

You can read more about this memorial to Britain’s imperial and controversial past here and more about Cannon Hill Park here

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