Trust in the Blues

Andy Munro with a message for all Blues fans.

Birmingham City Football Club - St Andrew'sAs always, the future of the club seems shrouded in mystery with apparently the Indian consortium switching from Vindaloo-level interest to Korma. The other Asian consortium are apparently hoping to buy the club for the weekly wage of a textile employee leaving Gianni Paladini as the only currently serious candidate, although it’s still not clear whether a formal bid has been made.

I am fairly convinced that with Lee Clarke at the helm promotion is a distant dream so on that basis my ideal scenario would be to see Blues keep their players in the next transfer window, then have enough points to stave off a ten points deduction and relegation while slipping into administration – meaning any new owners don’t have to waste resources paying Carsen and co.

Unfortunately, realistically it’s more likely that negotiations will drag on into January, Carsen and Co will then sell the crown jewel players before selling up for £20 million before administration beckons. This would then leave us devoid of decent players with the new owners having to spend most of their buying resources on the club. Of course there are other options in both the ‘Paradise’ and ‘Pauper’ categories so having a Blues Trust is of paramount importance to ensure that supporters not only get a real voice and also understand what’s going on.

The Trust has been running for around a year and has, unfairly in my view, been criticised for focussing on bureaucracy. In fact, setting up a legal entity, sorting out an accounting system, developing a website, and holding an AGM are vital in being a legitimate member of the Government backed Supporters Direct. The Trust is now recognised as an accredited organisation by BCFC which is vital in terms of future communication with the club and securing the support of local business. This DOESN’T mean the Trust will be some sort of lapdog, more that it will be an independent  ‘critical friend’.

The Trust now has an elected board and is going out to consult/survey its 200-plus members to seek their views on a range of key issues. They are also seeking early dialogue with some of the prospective bidders while looking to join forces with other Blues fan groups in developing a wider forum. It’s well documented how the Pompey Trust have been instrumental in preventing a complete meltdown of Portsmouth and I recently spoke to somebody who is a member of the Chester City Trust which now has 2,000 members and runs the club as they seek to do a ‘new’ Wimbledon.

So why not join the Blues Trust? It’s only £5 per annum(for an extra three quid you can also buy a collectors’ item in the form of a unique badge which is only available to members). Visit to find out more. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to this but you might end up being a part of owning the club.

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