BCU Business School Challenge

Extraordinary is the word of the day in Birmingham City University as 30 first year students of the Business School get together with the goal of raising £10,000 for SENSE, a charity focused on helping deafblind people.

In order to raise this amount, the students are working alongside Musikscool.com to create a Music album with 4 original tracks which will be distributed both digitally through iTunes.

The real challenge is that the whole project – composing and recording the tracks, market the album, document the process, raise funds and sponsorships – has to be completed within the day.

What’s more is that Birmingham City University is the first university in the country to undertake this project, and everyone involved is hoping to create more than just a album, but a legacy. The goal is to work alongside Musikscool in the future and involve the students with more unique and inspiring activities of this kind.

Any kind help of help is essential for the success of this project as almost any support can be put to use; whether it’s just a simple monetary donation or something a little more creative – for example, donating your time to help the deafblind or providing your products or services to help the cause.

To donate and find more information please visit www.justgiving.com/bcubusinesschallenge