Coventry runner has victory days before Dublin debut

Endurance paid off for twenty-six-year-old Ben Jones who won the Coventry Half Marathon last week in preparation for his full marathon debut in Dublin at the end of this month.

Ben Jones - runnerThis was Ben’s first ever victory in the Coventry Half Marathon as he surpassed a fellow racer just strides before the finish line. He finished ahead of 2,000 other runners that competed in the Autumn event which raised around £300,000 for charity.

Endurance is a trait that has infused Ben’s life while training as a long distance runner for 14 years and this also crosses over into his professional life as an Assistant Manager at Cranfield Business Recovery where he and his colleagues help businesses to overcome the many obstacles and barriers they face in the current difficult economic climate.

Ben was thrilled with his triumph and said: “I’m really pleased to have won. It was a very hilly course with a lot of up and down running, but the conditions on the day were perfect. My colleagues at Cranfield have been really supportive throughout and everyone recognises that running is a very important part of my life. ”

Cranfield is the leading business recovery specialist in Coventry and Warwickshire and a very proactive and well known member of the local business community. The insolvency practice regularly supports charitable causes, recently sponsoring Ben’s co-athlete girlfriend, Katrina Wootton in her journey to the Olympic qualifiers.

Ben continues: “I firmly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and you receive the right support. Working at Cranfield has taught me a lot about perseverance and what it takes to work towards your goals.  The same principles apply in the world of running as much as it does in business, and the lessons I’ve learned while working with companies striving to achieve their goals have helped me when I’ve been going through the intensive training that running marathons requires.”

Ben’s next feat of endurance is the Dublin Marathon on 29th October.  His achievement in winning the Coventry Half Marathon will, he hopes, give him the momentum he needs to tackle the Dublin race, which is double the distance at 26.2 miles.

Tony Mitchell, managing director of Cranfield Business Recovery says: “We’re very proud of Ben.  His win is an amazing achievement and testament to the drive and determination that he also demonstrates in his professional life. His next challenge is the Dublin Marathon later this month, and we’re going to be behind him all the way, supporting him in his endeavours.”

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