Thought for the weekend

One of the biggest challenges we all face in life is to be yourself.

From an early age we are told by our parents what to do, how to behave and what to think. Our friends and loved one’s also believe they have right to offer such guidance. It is not that our family and friends are always right or wrong but we do have to exercise judgement in what people say to us and feel whether it accords with our own views.

One of the consequences of listening to ourselves more is that we may not always agree with the advice we are given. As we exercise more of our own judgement we need to be strong enough to accept that not all of those around us will agree with us – this can relate not just to our sexuality but also our choice of careers and all aspects of our life from birth to death.

Being you is not about being right but it is about being true to yourself. Live a lie and you contaminate all those around you and sadness and unhappiness will always be part of your life.

Be who you are – those who love you will always be with you.