Charity launches new safety guide for motorists

A Birmingham-based motoring safety charity has published a new handbook that aims to increase driver confidence, comfort and courtesy.

DriveSafe book

The new DriveSafe handbook has been designed as a ready reference for all motorists

‘DriveSafe – An Essential Guide for Motorists’ is a comprehensive guide for both men and women on how to drive safely and without fear.

The 60-page fully illustrated book has been published by DriveSafe in association with the DriveSafe & StaySafe charity partnership, Goodmedia Ltd and Aston University, to help celebrate the third anniversary of the charity’s Courtesy on the Road campaign.

DriveSafe founder and personal safety expert Fay Goodman has produced the book following the success of ‘DriveSafe for Female Motorists’ published in 2005.

The new edition, expanded to cater for both men and women, provides a wealth of advice on everything from routine car maintenance and journey preparation to what to do if you have a breakdown or are involved in an accident or aggressive incident.

Designed to fit conveniently inside a car glove compartment, the book also comes with an inside wallet containing pre-printed cards for recording accident details. There is also a section devoted to helping people achieve their safer driving goals.

The advice results from research by Aston University PHD student Holly Gwyther  which showed 90 per cent of those surveyed were concerned about driving in certain road or traffic conditions, had lost confidence or were getting angry with other drivers.

Fay Goodman said: “The new edition of our DriveSafe book aims to saves lives and improve the quality of life of all drivers from young men because they are most at risk of being involved in an accident to older females who are often fearful of driving.”

She added: “Pre-planning plays a major role in helping us to keep more focused and less stressed to deal with any difficulties we may encounter on the road.”

The book supports DriveSafe’s Courtesy on the Road campaign, which is encouraging drivers to be more courteous and understanding.

Fay said: “We can all make mistakes but it is how we deal with them safely and how others respond with understanding that can help avoid aggression and accidents.”

Copies of ‘DriveSafe – An Essential Guide for Motorists’ are available by contacting Goodmedia Ltd on 0121 693 9390 ([email protected]/