The green on Pineapple Grove

Young people are often portrayed in the media as being feral creatures up to no good. A Birmingham Press reader offers the alternative, and more common, view of children just enjoying themselves in the holidays.

By Angela Maloney.

Pineapple GroveThe green on Pineapple Grove, Stirchley has just played host to an amazing four days of free activities for local young people which included lots of games, sports, face painting, water fights and even on the final day, a football cage.

This was organised by a local group of very generous and kind spirited adults and teenagers who kindly gave their time for the benefit of local children.

The event was run by volunteers from Riverside Church and was one of three concurrent projects going on in the area.

Youth workers Andy King and Emma Keeling were the main organisers of three events which included a gardening project in Balsall Heath. Miriam Gaskell and Jenny Christie did a fantastic job of overseeing the Pineapple Grove activities as well as another gardening project on the Allens Croft estate.

 Angela is a local artist whose work can be found on her website here.