Polish culture celebrated in mobile billboard exhibition

A fascinating mobile exhibition themed around Polish culture and traditions is to visit The Public in West Bromwich on Friday 13 July and Wednesday 18 July – part of a Midlands wide tour.

‘The Polish Language’ by a Polish art group, Galeria Rusz (Joanna Górska and Rafał Góralski) in co-operation with British artists, Turner Prize nominee, Mark Titchner and Andrew D. Willett, features a collection of billboard sized art posters on the sides of a lorry.

Galeria Rusz, based in Toruń, Poland, are renowned for creating and presenting thought provoking artwork in public spaces. Since 1999, they’ve been running their own billboard gallery, where they exhibit their works. It is the world’s longest existing project displaying art non-stop on the same billboard. The artists have received numerous awards and art grants, and have participated in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

British society has become used to the image of Polish emigrants as a labour force. ‘The Polish Language’, prepared by a Polish-British group of artists, strives to change this viewpoint, highlighting that Poles are not only looking for employment abroad, but also boast a rich tradition and fascinating culture.

In the exhibition, the artists aim to bring Polish culture closer to the British by illustrating characteristics of society; myths, beliefs, thinking patterns and ideas. Using the Polish culture as inspiration has led to the creation of fascinating works of art, which attempt to capture the spirit of contemporary socio-cultural changes.

On 13 July and 18 July, the mobile exhibition will be travelling through the streets of West Bromwich, parking outside The Public from 12 noon until 2pm.

The lorry will travel for six days (from 13 July to 18 July) across three British cities which have a significant Polish population – Birmingham, West Bromwich and Walsall, visiting Eastside Projects in Birmingham and New Walsall Art Gallery in Walsall, as well as The Public in West Bromwich.

As part of the project Mark Titchner will present his work ‘Defend me from myself’, Andrew Willett – ‘I can’t make you happy’, Joanna Górska – ‘Let’s be the architects of our own misfortune’ and Rafał Góralski – ‘Instead of digging our own grave let’s dig down to the source’.

For more information about the project visit www.artmovesfestival.org.