Changes to Birmingham City Council announced

The Council Business Management Committee met yesterday afternoon to consider major changes to the Council’s Constitution (to be reduced from 200 pages to around 46!) and to how the council is run.

Birmingham - 'City of the Future'Subject to approval on May 22nd, the Council Cabinet will henceforth have eight Councillors, including the Leader and Deputy Leader:

• Leader
• Deputy Leader (Finance, Corporate and Human Resources)
• Cabinet Member – Social Cohesion and Equalities
• Cabinet Member – Green, Safe and Smart City
• Cabinet Member – Health and Wellbeing
• Cabinet Member – Children and Family Services
• Cabinet Member – Development, Jobs and Skills
• Cabinet Member – Commissioning, Contracting and Improvement
The Cabinet post of Leisure, Sport and Culture is to be discontinued.

Constituency Committees are to be replaced by District Committees, these may become just four Area Committees (South, North, East and Central) in time.

Members of the public will be allowed to ask one oral question of any Cabinet Member or District Committee Chairman at Full Council meetings.

Other Committee Changes will be in line with the Cabinet Changes.

Governance, Resources & Member Development Committee replaces the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Districts and Public Engagement Committee replaces Equalities and Human Resources Committee.

Education and Vulnerable Children Committee replaces the Children and Education Committee.

Health and Social Care Committee replaces Health and Vulnerable Adults Committee.

The Birmingham Economy and Jobs Committee replaces Housing and Urban Renewal Committee.

Transport Connectivity and Sustainability Committee replaces Transport, Environment and Regeneration Committee.

Social Cohesion and Community Safety Committee replaces Local Services and Community Safety Committee.

Partnership, Contract Performance and Third Sector Committee replaces the Finance Committee.

The Licensing and Public Protection Committees are to be combined and there will be a new Employment Matters Committee.