Running For Ammalife: Parisian Style



Midwife Amie Wilson is running the Paris Marathon with her pal Sophie Webster to raise cash for this website’s official charity- Ammalife. It raises funds to save lives for pregnant mothers in developing countries. Here’s Amie’s latest report on the eve of the race.

So we arrived safely in Paris, me from East Midlands and Soph from Newcastle.

Wow, it is really starting to feel really real, exciting…. but quite scary!

After spending a day registering for the race, swapping training horror stories with other runners and soaking up the atmosphere at the running expo we celebrated with yet another dose of carbs.


Amie (left) and Sophie (right)

Carbs, carbs, carbs… my how we are both looking forward to a steak and a nice glass of red!


Today Soph and I decided to spend the day exploring Paris, and attempted to ascend the Eiffel Tower… Well.. That didn’t happen. Disappointing for me being my first time in Paris, but poor Soph after six visits has still not been able to go up the Tower as this time the lift had broken.

My parents have very kindly accompanied us to be supporters, photographers, and be generally wonderful- in all the excitement my dad ordered a beer with lunch..Not only was it a litre in size it cost over 20 euros! The shock on his face was terrific..”Blimey, that’s the sponsorship for two life saving journeys!”  Ha…it’s funny how my constant moaning about the injustice of maternal death has rubbed off!

So we are carb-loaded and fully hydrated, ready as we will ever be but feeling nervous nonetheless. Every minor detailed planned, leaving nothing (but the weather) to chance.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes Amie and Soph ready to run with pride for Ammalife.

Wish us luck, we will be in touch soon