Police, Camera, Action

Young people living in Castle Vale have the opportunity to see themselves on the big screen as they make their film debut in a production financed by the proceeds of crime.

The film will be produced by Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services (CVCRS) and explores issues such as the impact of anti-social behaviour on local communities, how the police are responding to it and the role that everyone can play in helping to reduce it.

Officers from West Midlands Police are also backing the project, and have donated £3,480 of money recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act. CVCRS approached officers to feature in the film to show the consequences of anti-social behaviour only to find that police were not only happy to assist, they also supported the scheme with money once linked to criminal activity.

This funding means that youngsters can not only film the project, but also determine how it is edited and marketed to their peers. Jonathan Davies, Children and Young People’s Manager from CVCRS said: “ASB has been highlighted as an issue that spans across the age ranges of our community.  We work closely with youngsters to show them how their behaviour can be perceived, how it can be improved, and the opportunities available to them, both now and in future education and employment.

“Sometimes their behaviour can be perceived as threatening, or a nuisance. The film will look to address and tackle this, and all other aspects of ASB through the eyes of the local community.”

PC Paul Emms said: “This project will give youngsters a real insight into the impact and consequences of crime, while providing a great opportunity to learn new skills.

“During the filming, and by working with the police, council and those affected by such behaviour, I’m sure they will learn a lot, and be able to portray this onto the film’s audience.”

When the film is complete it is set to premiere in schools and youth projects across north Birmingham.