Voices From The Void

Waiting for Godot

Birmingham Old Rep

Godot image Richard Hubert Smith

Godot image Richard Hubert Smith

From Richard Lutz

A critic once famously said Waiting for Godot is about ‘nothing happening…twice’

In two acts, two clowns bum around,  sit and sit and sit and muse and argue and laugh and sleep and forget and wait for a man called Godot who they may or may not know.

‘Now that we’re happy.’ says one of the characters Vladimir, ‘What do we do?

‘Wait for Godot.’ answers the second character. And so it goes.

Author Samuel Beckett draws us into a void rthat has little meaning. It is undoubtably a masterpiece and we all see ourselves in bits in this absurdist play that, strangely,  makes perfect sense.

Everyone has a different analysis for the play, produced by the Black led theatre company Talawa. And I am sure that  is how the Irish playwright meant it.

Patrick Robinson and Jeffrey Kisson catch the surreal nature of the writing, all the time writhing with inexplicable confusion and anxiety as they, wait and wait and wait.

In its sparseness, its bleakness and its humour, it is a play for all time, a bumbling rambling wreck of a play that is perfectly pitched to our maddening confusing world. We are all waiting for Godot

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