Ammalife: Saving mothers worldwide

From The Editor of The Birmingham Press

Today we launch our campaign to back a Birmingham based medical charity that saves the lives of  mothers around the world.

AmmalifeIt is called Ammalife and it prevents mothers from dying during pregnancy or childbirth. Its focus is on developing countries.

The charity is run by doctors and health professionals, many of them from the city’s Women’s Hospital, who deal with maternal health.

When we heard about it, we asked if we could make a small difference. If medical volunteers are working on one of the charity’s projects, in places such as Malawi or Pakistan, they may file reports or blogs to our site to tell readers about the problems and possible solutions they are wrestling with.

The charity experts have already published some of its research findings in The British Medical Journal and it has partnerships with the Women’s Hospital in Birmingham and other charities involved in reducing maternal death rates during pregnancy.

Chairman Professor Arri Coomarasamy said: “Every 90 seconds a mother dies during childbirth in low-income countries. The tragedy is that over 80% of these deaths can be prevented.  Ammalife delivers projects and training. We also conduct important research to make a difference.  Everyone can make a difference.”

Read more about Ammalife on its website   And also learn where you can donate money to save lives around the world.